Yvette CreelYvette Creel is a watercolor artist and a graphic designer. She was born in Louisiana sometime in the early 70s and is actually still alive. It was in Baton Rouge that she first began to study art at the age of 11 with Larry Casso. Through several classes, teachers, and competitions, she came to graduate from Loyola University in New Orleans with a degree in Advertising, a minor in Graphic Art, and a focus on print design. Graduate studies in Houston later included classes in figure drawing and creative digital media. Yvette most recently finished her MFA at LSU in Graphic Design.

The guardian of Chaz and Whitman is currently working full time as a graphic designer in Baton Rouge. She has worked there since fleeing the dot-bomb of San Francisco in 2000 where she designed for the Walt Disney Internet Group. While in California, Yvette began traveling to deserts, national parks, and coastlines to photograph possible locations for future works. These photos along with many others are now digitally manipulated to help create a wonderful series of unusual subjects in whimsical locations.

Yvette is a member of the New Orleans Art Association, the Louisiana Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, and the Baton Rouge Art League. The artist is best known for her fine detail, fantasy color, and clever wit. If you wish to contact her for art sales, portfolio viewings or hysterical travel stories, please write.