Scary Little Bunnies

Scary Little Bunnies are characters created by Yvette Creel, a watercolor artist in Louisiana who liberated the rabbit-like puppets from an antique store in New Orleans.
Chaz is the devilish dark blue Scary Little Bunny with an odd affection for retro space craft, childhood games and clean cotton laundry. Formerly Charles, the wild hare shortened his moniker while stowing away on the tour bus of Ravi Coltrane. Thus began his love of travel and the saxophone.
Whitman is the golden boy who thrives on science and education. He follows Astronomy, classical literature and poetry. He gave himself the name Whitman after Walt Whitman, the American poet known for his transcendental free verse and overt sexuality. Whitman’s real name is not known, but it is spelled with Chinese characters.