Renaissance Rabbit

Whitman web_davinci_smtried his hand at recreating the Vitruvian Man with only Chaz as a model. Quite a success.

This is the first painting in a new series riddled with DaVinci references. Next up Whitman tries DaVinci’s wings. I’ll be starting that this afternoon, so with any luck, I’ll be posting again next week.

Don’t worry Chaz will appear in the third of the series. Science is a bit over his head, but his ability to design a joke is quite impressive. It may take a while to get that down on paper.

Happy Holidays and thanks for following.

Scary Little Bunnies Gone Mad

IMG_3192It was all of the dots that drove me mad, but the study is a cool peek into the future of the watercolor painting that is now in the works. Part Mad Hatter, part steampunk, shaken not stirred with a heavy dose of vintage. The 45 adapter just above the gears makes me smile every time.

This is the third (or maybe 4th depending on when it formally started) installation in an Alice and Wonderland-themed sequence that will probably not end soon, but will be taking a short break after this piece for a short while.

Can’t wait to post the painting which will hopefully be ready soon.
Scroll thru my blog to see others in the sequence.

Thanks for reading!

Backyard Silversmiths

Unknown-1Chaz and Whitman have now reached as far as Texas and are living somewhere between Waco and Dallas at a wonderful Silversmith shop called what else? “Backyard Silversmiths.” The SLBs are Seen here wearing some of the handcrafted jewelry. Visit if you can. If not take a look at the jewelry available at Custom jewelry available at the site.

Custom rabbits available here at
Contact Yvette:

Cigar Box Art

Since I am having a hard time getting the scary little bunny children’s book out of my head and onto a screen (dare I say paper?), I decided to use the holidays to tackle another project, painted cigar boxes. I began with salvaged boxes clad in old school hinges and wood, then added Chaz, Whitman and a light dose of their wicked humor. There are 6 or 7 of these crazy crates stacking up in my studio as we speak. Sizes range from 4×6 in to 10×12 in and each one did actually hold cigars at one time. Each one is totally unique. They are hand painted in watercolor and sealed with acrylic. Hit up and I’ll be happy to share prices and the latest boxes as they appear. SLBs make great conversation pieces and these new additions are a cool place to stash your favorite keepsake.


FedEx surprise

So I am in FedEx wasting my life for the second time this holiday season. I swear I hate the demise of the book store, but the day the print and copy stores go under I will dance on their grave with my new black boots and laugh out loud in that maniacal way I reserve for just such occasions.

Sorry I got distracted, …anyway, the store was basically empty (except for crickets and the potential for terrible service) so I stood with the only other fool in the place who happened to ask me if I was an artist. What gave it away I thought, then I looked down at my mangled appearance, my 47 copies of misprinted art and the paintbrush dangling from my torn jeans pocket. I said yes. We go thru the obligatory chat that strangers endure and after a moment, I fish a business-like card out of the beautiful purse my mother gave me when she cleansed her closet last fall.

I hand the card to her, a 2×3.5 inch card with a blue crudely painted puppet named Chaz on one side and my portfolio address on the other. I smile half-heartedly.

“No way, that’s you?”


“I just sent your postcard to my friend in a care package”


“Yes, I got it at The Collective. I actually took two postcards. I loved them.”

Then she went on about owning a shop downtown and her last name actually being “Wonderful” which made my day awesome after a heavy dose of nothing special!

What a cool thing to happen in such a dreadful place. I think that may be my biggest compliment ever…”No way, that’s you.”

Wow. I wouldn’t call it fame, but I’ll take it and smile.

Thats’s me.

Hints of Wonderland

Chaz and Whitman have gone underground with hints of Wonderland. There is a symbol of a Cheshire cat, a crown for the queen and more. The teacups and watch are reminiscent of Alice, but the beads are the influence of Vladimir Ovtcharov.


Caught on Film


I’m loving Chaz’s escape from film. He  made another appearance at the French Quarter Fest this past weekend where I won second place with a painting that looked nothing like a scary bunny. Very exciting though. Its time to make a return to art and a return to painting on paper. Chaz is going to give me some help.