Alice, you’ve done it again


I was at one of Louisiana’s fantastic festivals this spring where I stumbled across brilliant bunny artist Vladimir Ovtcharov of New Mexico (though not originally ;). I bought two prints and plan to buy two more before I could stop myself. He reminded me how much the SLBs love Alice and the idea of Wonderland. This piece celebrates whitman and his love of chess, mad hats and tea with golden rum. I plan to continue in this vein adding Chaz to the next one in an 11×14.

Whitman for Tea
8×10, watercolor on board, sealed with acrylic, available today!

Scary Little Sayings

Tire SwingSometimes we enjoy doing things
we find loathsome.

Announcing the first of the Scary Little Sayings. A post on the Scary Little Bunnies blog where I reveal a Chaz and Whitman illustration or cartoon and then pair it with a twisted saying in the spirit of the characters. I hope you enjoy the dry wit of our striped but furless friends.

Feel free to suggest your own scary little saying.