Scary Little Bunnies Gone Mad

IMG_3192It was all of the dots that drove me mad, but the study is a cool peek into the future of the watercolor painting that is now in the works. Part Mad Hatter, part steampunk, shaken not stirred with a heavy dose of vintage. The 45 adapter just above the gears makes me smile every time.

This is the third (or maybe 4th depending on when it formally started) installation in an Alice and Wonderland-themed sequence that will probably not end soon, but will be taking a short break after this piece for a short while.

Can’t wait to post the painting which will hopefully be ready soon.
Scroll thru my blog to see others in the sequence.

Thanks for reading!

New Techniques

SLB_pointalism_lrI am always trying to find new painting styles to spice up Chaz and Whitman’s everyday life. This time I am using a Pebeo product to create dimension using a pointillist style. The black dots are actually raised giving the painting a bit of shadow and texture. The watercolor is on a porous board that  I have to seal with acrylic spray.  So… I may actually be complicating the creative process by trying new things, but it is kind of sassy. Don’t you think?

Scary Little Sayings

Tire SwingSometimes we enjoy doing things
we find loathsome.

Announcing the first of the Scary Little Sayings. A post on the Scary Little Bunnies blog where I reveal a Chaz and Whitman illustration or cartoon and then pair it with a twisted saying in the spirit of the characters. I hope you enjoy the dry wit of our striped but furless friends.

Feel free to suggest your own scary little saying.