Hints of Wonderland

Chaz and Whitman have gone underground with hints of Wonderland. There is a symbol of a Cheshire cat, a crown for the queen and more. The teacups and watch are reminiscent of Alice, but the beads are the influence of Vladimir Ovtcharov.


Caught on Film


I’m loving Chaz’s escape from film. He  made another appearance at the French Quarter Fest this past weekend where I won second place with a painting that looked nothing like a scary bunny. Very exciting though. Its time to make a return to art and a return to painting on paper. Chaz is going to give me some help.

Study in store window

A study in ink. I hope to place Chaz and Whitman in front of an antique store so the window will be riddled with nostalgia. Sounds time consuming due to all the transparency. It is worth doing?

Bowling Lanes Ink

Chaz at the lanes.
He’s been bowling before, but he hasn’t ever snuck in from the side of the frame, preferring to enter from above on a regular basis. Thank goodness for the wide eyes. No fear that he is taking  a nap. Just spying from a new angle.
Not sure it works perfectly, but I do like the shoes. Definitely changing the floor to a mirror shine and adding a retro background. I’ll be sure to post when he goes color.