Cigar Box Art

Since I am having a hard time getting the scary little bunny children’s book out of my head and onto a screen (dare I say paper?), I decided to use the holidays to tackle another project, painted cigar boxes. I began with salvaged boxes clad in old school hinges and wood, then added Chaz, Whitman and a light dose of their wicked humor. There are 6 or 7 of these crazy crates stacking up in my studio as we speak. Sizes range from 4×6 in to 10×12 in and each one did actually hold cigars at one time. Each one is totally unique. They are hand painted in watercolor and sealed with acrylic. Hit up and I’ll be happy to share prices and the latest boxes as they appear. SLBs make great conversation pieces and these new additions are a cool place to stash your favorite keepsake.